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Creative Monthly Marketing

Calendar Contemporary Digital Device Concepts

How do you execute your monthly marketing? With the holiday season soon approaching and the year coming to an end I thought this would be a great time to address your monthly marketing efforts. It is very important that you retain a strong market share within your chosen area and what better way to do …

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Agent Safety: A Real Issue In Real Estate

The Transporter

Warning: This post may be a bit descriptive in nature as it deals with agent safety pertaining to abductions and murders. Lately there has been a rise in assaults, abductions and deaths in the real estate agent community. This is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. The media has recently brought …

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Top 10 Apps for Paperless Real Estate Agents


What makes you different from every other real estate agent? “I work hard…I communicate…I sell your home for top dollar…I stay up-to-date on market trends” blah blah blah. To a client this all sounds like the same tired old tune they hear from every other tired old real estate agent that has failed to …

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3 Most Effective Ways of Prospecting

ways-of-prospecting (2)

Ask any top producer what the life blood of their business is and they will say one thing: their leads. If you think about it, you have no business if you have no clients. In real estate for some reason this word is a very scary one but you need to start embracing it …

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How to Maximize Results of Your Open House


Open houses: you either love them or you hate them. As agents we know they are a great way to pick up buyer leads and to provide an extra service to your seller. But do you really know how to maximize your results during your open house? How many times have you been to …

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5 Of The Best Real Estate Books Every Agent Must Read


When I first started off as a real estate agent, I was completely overwhelmed with where to start. I passed all my exams with flying colours, yet I had absolutely no idea how to actually BE  a real estate agent. Who do I talk to? How do I get clients? What time should I …

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