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RE/MAX 2017 Housing Market Outlook


The average residential sale price increased 13 per cent in Greater Vancouver to approximately $1,020,300 and rose 17 per cent in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to an estimated $725,857. Although demand remains high in both urban centres, limited inventory in the freehold market, the new 15 per cent foreign-buyer tax in Vancouver and …

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Early autumn with modern residential single family home

Upkeep on your home should be done quarterly, with spring cleaning, winterizing, fall home maintenance and of course summer improvements. Since we are in the thick of fall and we are now experiencing extreme rain which may be an issue for homeowners. Here are some fall home maintenance tips to help keep your home …

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Low Interest Rates: What It Means For You As a Seller


The Bank of Canada has lowered its interest rate again by 25 basis points (or 0.25 percent). This means the overnight rate for Canada is hovering at a mere 0.5%! What exactly do low interest rates mean to you as a seller? Well let’s take a look at how interest rates work. Low Rates …

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How To Make Your Dream Home More Affordable

Model house and piggy bank balancing on a seesaw

You’ve always thought about investing in real estate, you’re sick of paying rent and making someone else richer by the month while building no equity in yourself. So why haven’t you finally bought your own piece of real estate? If money is putting a stop to your real estate goals, let me show you …

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6 Steps To Making Guests Feel At Home During The Holidays


It’s a hectic time of year filled with food, booze, family and friends. But how about the amount of stress! Make sure your guests feel at home during the holidays with these simple steps. 1. Greet! Greet all your guests as they enter. This is the first step in making sure no one feels …

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Creative Monthly Marketing

Calendar Contemporary Digital Device Concepts

How do you execute your monthly marketing? With the holiday season soon approaching and the year coming to an end I thought this would be a great time to address your monthly marketing efforts. It is very important that you retain a strong market share within your chosen area and what better way to do …

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Agent Safety: A Real Issue In Real Estate

The Transporter

Warning: This post may be a bit descriptive in nature as it deals with agent safety pertaining to abductions and murders. Lately there has been a rise in assaults, abductions and deaths in the real estate agent community. This is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. The media has recently brought …

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Unfair Treatment and Discrimination in Toronto Rentals


I have recently had the pleasure of working with two gentlemen who had amazing jobs with exceptional salaries, good references and near perfect credit scores. They did not spend beyond their means and were both very professional and polite throughout my time working with them. Our unfair treatment: they were in their early twenties …

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Top 10 Apps for Paperless Real Estate Agents


What makes you different from every other real estate agent? “I work hard…I communicate…I sell your home for top dollar…I stay up-to-date on market trends” blah blah blah. To a client this all sounds like the same tired old tune they hear from every other tired old real estate agent that has failed to …

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How To Win a Bidding War in Toronto’s Real Estate Market


Toronto’s real estate market right now is favouring the sellers; many homes are going into multiple offers and buyers are competing against each other and paying top dollar for the home of their dreams. So how can you win a bidding war? There are many factors at play though there is no sure-fire way, …

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